Hozier – “Sedated” & “To Be Alone”

Not ashamed to say it, I think I’ve been to every one of Hozier’s shows in LA, and will be seeing him again in October. A bit much… naw, he’s THAT good.

When I heard “Take Me To Church” I was instantly a fan, and the intensity for my admiration of Hozier grew upon seeing him at “It’s A School Night” at the Bardot in Hollywood. In fact, the only song I don’t prefer live is “Take Me To Church.”

Like you’d expect from an Irish singer-songwriter, when Andrew sings, you FEEL it. He’s telling a story and you’re caught in it.

I really love his EPs and cannot wait for his album later this year. Aside from “Take Me To Church,” there are 2 songs that stand out for me, “Sedated” and “To Be Alone.” They’re quite different from one another, but equally captivating and give me chills.

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