New Music: Frankmusik – “Maps” and “Fast As I Can”



Frankmusik (website/twitter/facebook) has such a great grasp on pop/dance music. His music is so well produced and crafted, it’s pop/dance music at it’s best.

There are a lot of great pop/dance songs, but a pop/dance song is truly great if it works as an acoustic song, and Frankmusik proved that with his debut album, Complete Me, when he released a completely acoustic version of the album, Completely Me. I was captivated by the production of the original album, and even more-so after hearing the bare-bones minimal acoustic versions.

Frankmusik’s latest song, “Maps”, is another brilliant pop/dance track. He’s got a great voice and is really able to showcase it, with great production. I really like that “Maps” still has the same production and overall sound of Complete Me, which is where he excels.

“Maps” will be on his upcoming album, which is called Between, and will be released on April 1st. The album will have 14 songs including, “Fast As I Can”, and the next single, “Chasing Shadows” (music video has been shot and coming soon – the still looks great!), and potential future single, “Did Love”.

Frankmusik also confirmed that there will be an acoustic version of the album as well, called Between Us, which means he’s making another incredible album a la Complete Me. I’m really really looking forward to hearing the album, especially the acoustic album.

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