New Music Video: Dido – “No Freedom”

When it comes to soothing, subtle yet powerful pop songs, there’s none better than Dido. 

Dido’s fourth studio album, Girl Who Got Away, was released earlier this month in Europe and will be released in the US on the 26th of March. It’s been nearly five years since her last album.

Dido’s bestselling debut album, No Angel, was released in 1999. Since then, the music industry has changed, but Dido has stayed true to her craft and style. You wont find any glitz, glamour, or shenanigans on her record.

Just a beautiful voice, great melodies, and emotionally charged pop songs. On the surface, the production and sound can seem simple, but it’s quite complex and layered. There are elements of electronic music, which Dido and her brother Rollo are known to incorporate in their production. It’s subtle and far from the pervasive EDM sound that is permeating the airwaves and pop music.

There is also subtle darkness in the lyrics that is beautifully juxtaposed with her angelic singing. This dynamic is further explored in the collaboration of Dido and Kendrick Lamar on “Let Us Move On”. I actually prefer the version with Kendrick Lamar over the Dido only version.

I’m a fan of these two songs and eagerly waiting for Girl Who Got Away to be released in the US on the 26th of March.  Hopefully she’ll tour with this album as she’s been an artist I’ve always wanted to see. Fingers crossed.


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